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What causes engagement ring damage? There are a number of activities that can cause harm to your ring and could potentially have you running to Oletowne Jewelers for a repair. Luckily, the professionals at Oletowne are able to make your most precious piece of jewelry look as good as new again.

There are many scenarios that can lead to engagement ring damage. Below is a brief list of situations that may lead you to need an engagement ring repair. 

Visit Oletowne Jewelers for Your Engagement Ring Repair

Three of the worst things you can do with your engagement ring on are clean the house, use hand lotion, go swimming, and apply hair products. The chemicals found in the products used to do all of these tasks can eat away at the gold and have an affect on the setting of your ring. Some chemicals may even change the color of the setting or the diamond itself. Lotion and hair products can also build up in your ring, causing damage and dullness of the diamond. Doing any one of these things in excess will lead to engagement ring damage. 

Doing manual labor or taking part in physical activities isn’t ideal for an engagement ring either. Breaks, splits, cracks, and looseness will cause damage in these situations. If you are using a racket or a club, a sport where a tight grip is needed, you will want to remove your ring. Not only will this make a tight grip more comfortable, it will protect your ring, especially if you have a ring with diamonds surrounding the band. Gardening falls into this category, as well. Rocks and dirt will cause issues and make you will need a ring repair. 

Trust Oletowne Jewelers with Your Ring Repair Needs 

Remember, take off your engagement ring before you clean the house, use hand lotion, go swimming, apply hair products, do manual labor, or take part in physical activities. This will help preserve the quality of your engagement ring. However, we know that life moves fast and sometimes you forget to take off that one piece of jewelry that seems to be part of your body. If you do have engagement ring damage, there is no one more qualified than Oletowne Jewelers to take care of your need. We have certified bench jewelers who are available during business hours to repair your most precious piece. Stop by Oletowne Jewelers today. We look forward to seeing you. 








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