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One of our biggest questions with brides is whether to mount their engagement diamond with two, four, six or eight prongs.  There are pros and cons to both. So let’s give a little prong education.

First, consider the look and design of your engagement ring.  What type of security do you want your prongs to offer?  What shape is the diamond?  Is it a single diamond or are others incorporated with the main diamond?  What’s the size of the diamond?

Second, what will you be doing on a daily basis?  Are your typing away at your computer daily or are you digging in a garden?  What type of security do you need for the diamond?

Size Counts

Smaller diamonds can be overwhelmed by more prongs, it’s best to stick with a two or four.  You don’t want to cover up the diamond and diminish the sparkle.  

Larger diamonds can take more prongs, especially if the diamond is larger than a carat.  Larger diamonds also want the security of the prong to keep the diamond in its place.

Protection and Security

More prongs, more security.  If one breaks off and you have a six prong mount, that means you have five others to do the job of keeping the diamond in place.  If one breaks off and you have four prong mount, you are only relying on 3 prongs to get the job done, but consider your diamond size.  

I’m a digger, I’m a writer…

Your lifestyle determines the protection and security of your diamond too. Are you more prone to be in the dirt digging in the garden without gloves (to hell with your hands) or are you pounding away at your keyboard writing your next blog?    We suggest wearing gloves anytime you may be doing something that may cause your diamond to get banged up OR take your ring(s)/ jewelry off and secure it in a safe place.

Check your prongs regularly.  When prongs break or wear down that is when your stones fall out. We recommend you have your jewelry cleaned and check for FREE every three to six months. If there is a problem with your prongs we can have our in house goldsmith repair them.

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