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No one else in the world is likely to have a antique engagement ring that looks like yours, that’s the beauty of it being vintage…it’s most likely, “One In A Million.” It’s the very reason to ask the special someone in your life, “Will You Marry Me?”.  A perfect ring for your perfect suitor.

6 Beautiful Reasons to Choose an Antique Engagement Ring

  1. The Thrill of the Hunt, just like going “Antiquing”, you are essentially doing that with your engagement ring.  Each find gets you closer to “The One.” Will this be it, or is it at the next counter?
  2. Personality. Antique rings have charm and charisma.  They are definitely a show-stopper.  Often times they’re imperfections are so small and rare, but knowing it was handcrafted, their flaws tell a story.  The challenge is to feel that your engagement ring is made specifically for you, one that fits your personality. Will it fit your character when you are out dancing, or maybe when you’re Netflix binge watching Friday Night Lights?  When you find the one, you’ll know.
  3. The Sense of History.  “Some of these timeless beauties have already been around for 100 years. Maybe they’ve gone from finger to finger, visiting parties and symbolizing birthdays and engagements, or maybe they’ve been waiting quietly for you in a box – you may never even know. Either way, what an honor it is to be a link in the chain of one of these beautiful pieces’ histories. As Elizabeth Taylor said of her jewelry: “I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.”
  4. Unexpected Details.  It’s amazing to me how you turn an antique engagement ring, and find a new detail waiting to be discovered.  It’s embellishments are enhanced with every sunlight that is poured between the mountings, the light captures it in a way that speaks to you.  Finding new details is the heart of an antique engagement ring.
  5. Old diamonds are more often than not less precise, they have a worn edge to them that are less than perfect, but softer with detail and more romantic to your eye.  Old diamonds have that sense of history we were talking about.  They’re gentler, more passionate and tender.  
  6. Heirloom Potential.  Antique Engagement rings are heirlooms looking for families to find a home.  A little piece of history is being passed down from Grandmother to daughter.  It has the potential to become a part of your family’s future.

There’s an antique engagement ring made just for you, there is one that’s waiting to be placed on your ring finger and tell your story.  

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