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What are hot jewelry trends for the summer of 2017?  Jewelry trends are seeing a few major changes this year. As we drift from spring into summer, you will want to read the following trends and update your accessories to follow what is hot.

What are this Seasons Hottest Jewelry Trends?

Giant ornamental earrings are on trend for the summer season. Sure we’ve been working up to this trend in the past months, but now is the time. This trend is all the rage. And, who doesn’t love a large earring?

Micro diamonds are also very hot right now. Yes, it is trendy to carry small bags, small pets, etc. Now, it is also in style to accessorize with jewelry that involves micro diamonds. Rings are a great micro diamond accessory. They are perfect for stacking and have an elegant look.

Symmetry in shoes and gloves is a must, but when it comes to earrings symmetry isn’t needed. In fact, asymmetrical earrings are hot this season. It can be as simple as pairing a subtle stud with a dramatic drop earring. Many jewelers are selling statement earrings as singles to accommodate the trend.

Who doesn’t love a piece that draws attention to the collarbone? No one! And, that is why one of the hottest items to wear this summer is a collar necklace.

One of the biggest changes we will see this season is a shift from thin bands and tiny studs to chunky rings. Think wider bands and larger stones or gems. This is a trend we can all wear and enjoy. And, while we are thinking chunky. Another great tend for summer is a ’80’s inspired chains. Chunky and chain-link is in.

Tassels are a must for the summer. Fringe ornamentation on jewelry is everywhere, and we can’t get enough. Bright, festive and over-sized styles are here just in time for warmer weather. Tassels are fun and whimsical and so are florals which are in style as well. Floral earrings, floral pendants, anything floral is hot. Add stones or gems to your floral jewelry and your piece turns magical.

Where to Find These Trends

The professionals at Oletowne Jewelers can help you add some of these trends to your jewelry box. We specialize in custom jewelry and if we do not have something that you are looking for in our store, we can work with you to create the piece of your dreams. Stop by our store or give us a call today. We look forward to serving you.


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