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8 Fall Jewelry Trends for 2016 including Girls with Pearls

•Dive into your Grandma’s treasure chest of goodies and start digging out her pearls, because they are HOT, HOT, HOT for the fall jewelry trends of 2016!


•Find your inner earthy self and start putting together pieces of earthy tones and stones.  What better way to recycle your old jewelry than by creating something that is trend setting.


•Go outside your comfort zone just a little…have your earrings graze your shoulders for that soft, subtle look for the fall. They’re perfect for any cocktail event, they’re referred to as Duster Earrings.


•The black belt around your neckline with a small jewel is just now picking up momentum. Chokers were in style in the 90’s but quickly lost their appeal in the later on.  That’s not to say they can’t make a comeback.  Start paying attention to the bold wearers of this fashion trend.


•Charms make something personal, intimate. Let your charms dangle and shake with your arm as you wrestle through a shopping bag, it’s a perfect reminder of what you love.


•Button Earrings can also be from your grandma’s treasure chest of jewelry.  These little beauties are handmade from old buttons.  Yes, I just said, handmade earrings from buttons.  Slap them on your ears and BAM, you’re in style.

•Older Brooches with an antique air can be brought into the modern age with a simple, contemporary treatment bringing them back to life.  A simple necklace draped over 2 brooches can clasp your shrug together.  Perfect for an elegant evening out on the town.  

•Crystals have the shine factor…and who doesn’t want a little shine?  Jazz up your wardrobe with the sparkle effect.

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